Promoting open-minded interactions and restoring civil discourse

Milan is the sole founder of Nota, the world’s first anonymous digital publication seeking to restore civil discourse. Providing empathy through anonymous, vetted narratives, Nota expertly curates and shares the stories of everyday people whose voices are too often ignored.

Promoting open-minded interactions and restoring civil discourse

By publishing unfiltered, verified narratives from anonymous sources, Nota draws attention to a broad spectrum of viewpoints, creating a safe space for authors and readers to engage in civil discourse, challenge their own perspectives, and confront their own biases.

Through anonymous, vetted storytelling, Nota offers a new approach to the publication of the most pressing stories of today and tomorrow.


Anonymously published narratives mean that marginalized voices are able to speak openly and freely about the realities of their experiences.


Editorial works with our technology team to develop improved tools to ensure unparalleled vetting and verification of all of our authors.

Diverse Thought

Lists and collections are curated to provide multiple perspectives on the same issue - and to encourage readers to break their echo chambers.

Respect for Creativity

Writers become part of a growing writer community, while their voices gain traction as part of a larger dialogue around current events.