Dormzi’s skill-oriented marketplace helps young people launch their careers through gamified skill-set development and professional networking opportunities that will disrupt the university-debt model.

When Milan was in college in Colorado, he could see the obvious need for a marketplace where young people could offer skills and get paid without a company seizing their profits. Together, with friend Sabine Rizvi, Milan co-founded Dormzi, a revolutionary new youth marketplace that leveraged micro-networking into financial opportunity for college students.

Evolution of the Vision

Dormzi was founded in 2018 on the idea that college students needed a marketplace in which they controlled their own success. The app was originally focused on P2P local transactions at select universities, expanding on the social networks of college to let students embrace the gig economy. In early 2020, we pivoted to move from a local job board to a fully remote marketplace, where Dormzies could focus on skills and diversify the types of services offered.

Feedback from our customers encouraged us to recognize that we can accomplish more, and provide an even more comprehensive suite of products and services for our Dormzies. In 2021, we have released a new UX/UI with more robust profiles, improved onboarding, and a wider range of skill sets. In addition, we have opened our community to a larger range of young entrepreneurs, revolutionizing who our “dorm” of entrepreneurial innovation could hold.

Earn the Skills to Pay the Bills

As Dormzi continues to grow, the company is finding new ways to help young people start their careers off with success. The team is developing novel which help young people translate interests into certified skills and marketable portfolios. Dormzi intends to liberate GenZ from the necessity of college debt by revolutionizing how skills are obtained and shifting the paradigm from college-credit internships to experience-oriented apprenticeships. Combining gamification with an easy-to-understand curriculum, Dormzi guides young people through the process of self-improvement and certification to ensure they can approach the ever-changing job market with confidence.

"For Generation Z, innovation and entrepreneurship won’t start in stuffy college dorms. GenZ is going to do it online, in our new digital marketplace. Leave the college dorms behind: Welcome to DormZ."