A career building and management destination

Audo is a career-building ecosystem offering data-driven, user-friendly recommendations that bridge skill learning with earning in Audo’s robust marketplace. Audo provides Gen Z with the tools and resources to take control of their futures by embracing an innovative path for education and career growth.

Our company vision is to reach a point culturally where certification from Audo – and securing an Audo apprenticeship – is considered as prestigious as an Ivy League diploma to both youth and employers. Most importantly, we want to offer everyone a debt-free opportunity to overcome economic uncertainty through skill-driven freelancing.

A Debt-Free Future

GenZ deserves an opportunity to learn skills and launch their careers without soul-crushing debt.

Data-Driven Guidance

Our AI-based Audo Guide assessment takes into account skills, personality, aspirations, and needs to recommend the best skill path for each user.

A One-Stop Learning Destination

By partnering with top digital course providers like Coursera and EdX, Audo offers users their own personalized, career-oriented curriculum in one, easy-to-use interface.

Earning & Learning,
Made Fun

Audo users enjoy a fully gamified experience, improving course completion and making the stressful process of finding work while learning, results focused, enjoyable and visually stimulating.

Get To work Immediately

Our gamified funnels move young talent into our Audo Earn Marketplace with each certification, improving their resumes and portfolios.

Keep What They Earn

Our Audo Earn Marketplace allows young freelancers to take home 100% of their earnings, no strings attached.