How I Think Modern Music Consumption Promotes Micro-Niches

It’s also important to note that genres are not completely dead — but our conception of them is evolving rapidly.

The Evolution of the Micro-Niche

What’s difficult for many people to grasp is that micro-niches go way beyond subgenres or even sub-subgenres. Rather than creating genres to suit general tastes, artists, labels, and music streaming services now want to create experiences to reflect how people are feeling — or how they want to feel — right now.

What Does This Mean for the Future of Musical Genres?

While musical genres will still exist in linguistics to quickly categorize different types of music, we could argue that they are losing their functional purpose. Why? Because humans collectively realize that music is so much more than mere entertainment. It has the power to fulfill various needs and desires. At the same time, the ever-growing diversity of musical styles and sensibilities makes it so that there’s virtually no shortage of music to choose from — no matter how picky you are.

Originally published on Rolling Stone.

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